Hiya! Welcome to my newest venture in to the internet-blogging world. My name is Zoe, I suspect you probably already know who I am because this is my first post on my new site, and for that reason you probably know me in real life. For that reason, I’ll try and be brief.

I’m in my mid-twenties, from the London area – Team Starbucks. I go to a lot of concerts and I talk about country music more than you’d like me to (sorry not sorry).

I’ve wanted to blog for ages, but I’m definitely a few years behind when it was ‘cool’ to blog, and social media can be so intimidating in terms of having a lot of followers on your Instagram, and using the right hashtags and being able to wear one of those awful drawstring bras. I talked myself out of it for a while because I know that there are a lot of women out there who love their bodies, and love clothes and fashion, and made myself in to a bit of a little fish thinking about jumping in the big pond – why would anyone want to look at my posts when there are so many other big names to watch out there?

Then I reminded myself that I am hilarious, so here I am doing it anyway!

I’m quite a busy person – I work a lot and I also like drinking prosecco in front of the television. I make no promises to be prompt or regular on here, but I order lots of things on the internet and I love to make boomerangs showcasing ridiculous face-masks I test out, so please make sure you are following my official (lol) Instagram – I will probably post lots of clothes hauls and pictures of my cats.

Alternatively, I have created a Twitter page which I am going to try and actually use (limited characters aren’t really my thing) so please give me a follow if you are so inclined!

Bottom line, I really get quite sad when I talk to wonderful women who can’t see their own self-worth, be that because of their body image or their self-confidence. I’m very proud of who I have become over the past few years, and I want everyone to strive to feel content in themselves.

I hate hearing people putting themselves down because they have a soft tummy or flappy arms, or whatever it is that makes them feel low, and if little old me can convince one person to look at the world a little differently through this outlet, then I will consider myself a rousing success. Also, Love Island is over for the year and I need something to do with my evenings…

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