Boobs that Go Bump in the Night

Now this is just my not-very-humble opinion, but I firmly believe that if you need a new bra, the only place worth throwing your money at is Bravissimo. They are total innovators in measuring and can really, truly fit you in a perfect bra without a tape measure (I often get in to arguments with strangers on the internet about the pros and mostly cons of the use of a measuring tape to fit a bra – boobies are not maths. But don’t get me started…)

Back in March Bravissimo released their own brand sleep bra, available in a 28-38 back and a D-J cup, perfect for preventing your girls from falling out the sides of your tank top – you know what I’m talking about. I spend a lot of time in my pyjamas – I don’t see much point in coming home from work and changing, only to change again a few hours later for bed.

I consider myself a very active member of the big massive titty committee, and normally I look like I’ve got deflated airbags under my T-shirt when the DPD man comes round with my parcels. So for that reason, I was pretty excited to get my hands on a bra that was soft enough to sleep in and give a little bit of lift, without having to strap myself in to my boulder holder.

I went to the Milton Keynes branch months ago to pick one up – they really are my favourite store to visit, as the staff are so knowledgeable and genuine. I wear a 36H day-to-day – the sleep bra comes in between sizes, so I tried a 36 GG-H and found it too constrictive for sleep, and had some spillage from the sides of the cups, so I highly recommend sizing up a band and a cup for comfort and coverage. I walked out of the store with a 38 HH-J. You can see that I definitely have some extra space in the cups, but given the size up, I’m not surprised and it doesn’t bother me. The bra costs £28, whether or not you consider this a reasonable price depends on how much you’re used to spending on nightwear and lingerie – for me, I feel it’s a good price for what you get.

The bra is unwired and made in a really soft material, with cute little mesh details and a racer-back, so it has to go over the head to put on. I have no issues with this style at all and find it really comfortable to lie down in.
I have some minor issues with the bra, which are mostly cosmetic – there is a ruching design in the centre to give the illusion of a bust, which doesn’t lie particularly flat under my shirt. It also has seams that run through the middle of each cup, which stick out and give me a bit of a mono-boob. My biggest qualm with this bra though, is the colour. The Bravissimo sleep bra is currently only available in one colour, described as a blush pink. I found after a few washes that the mesh details had discoloured quite noticeably. I think a slightly darker hue, like a blue or a grey, would be perfect for this style and materials.

Despite this though, I love this bra. It gives noticeable lift to my bust, whilst still being comfortable enough to lounge and sleep in. I bought two to alternate – hand washing is recommended, but really, who has time for that? Mine go in lingerie bag on a cold, delicate wash once a week – reshape whilst wet and leave to air-dry.

If you’re a bit like me and enjoy a smidge of support in your jim-jams, I would definitely recommend investing in giving it a try, as I really do love wearing mine. Thank you so much Bravissimo for making this and always accommodating the larger breasted lady. You can pick one of these bras up online or at your nearest Bravissimo store.

(These pyjamas pictured are old ASOS, here are some similar ones that I just love.)

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