Pretty Little Short-Arse Thing

For all of the years that I have been in full-time work and had money of my own to spend, I’ve been shopping on ASOS. I would spend the three weeks and six days that weren’t payday lining up a list of items to buy, waiting for that Friday morning when the bank account was looking healthy, and order that shit! Saturdays after work, I would then try on all of the things I purchased, receive critique from my mum and my now sister-in-law, then return all the things we collectively didn’t like. 

Lately I’ve been in a bit of an ASOS rut. With saving up a deposit for a house and other grown up things, I try not to order stuff I don’t absolutely love, and when it comes to ASOS, honestly it’s been a little few and far between the last couple of months. To be fair to them – it’s that weird time of year between autumn and winter when I don’t really like anything; so this month I decided to branch out and try some different brands.

I’m still on a bit of a boycott of boohoo, so I decided to test out two brands who have only recently been making some great waves. Today we’re going to talk about Pretty Little Thing – their plus range is currently quite small, consisting of around forty pieces, but a good variety of dresses, tops and bottoms for both day and evening occasions. I ordered two items – first, a comfy but fairly nondescript T-shirt that is easy to wear on a quiet day, and very reasonable at only £15. The second item I chose was a serious eye catcher – it’s these gorgeous flared trousers pictured below. 

Source: PLT UK

These trousers are currently available in two colours – black and a bright cobalt blue- and are available in sizes 18-24. Amazingly, they were only £18! Like a number of these sites, if you have the apps or you’re signed up to emails, you’ll receive plenty of incentives to purchase like free next-day delivery, or as my case, 20% off your bill. 

The trousers are a nice stretchy material, tight around the bum, tum and thighs, then flare out from just below the knee. I went for a size 20, and when I first put them on I thought they’d be too tight. But once I got them on, I was thrilled. They are so comfortable and I felt they were really flattering. 

One word of warning: these trousers are made for giants. Honestly I’m not tall myself – I’m five foot four with a long torso and short legs, so I’m used to bottoms being too long on me. But this was a tad extreme! The total length measures at 89cm, so heels are an absolute must unless you want to spend your evening arse over boob because you’ve tripped on all your excess leg! 

I wore these out to Covent Garden for my friends birthday and I got a ton of compliments! I wore them with a black ASOS top and an old kimono from H&M, and anyone who didn’t look too closely would have thought I was wearing a jumpsuit (I bloody love jumpsuits!) Even better, the fabric on these has great stretch but is also very firm, so I didn’t even bother putting any control-wear on! What a treat! 

I did have to politely ask a man on the dance floor to get off my trouser leg when he stepped on it, and I’m rubbish with heels so my feet were in agony by the end of the night! (Which is my own fault and has no bearing on the actual trousers). 

(There are very few good pictures from this night, here is me walking the streets of London barefoot and holding up my trouser legs…I know, I’m disgusting, I’M SORRY).

I would be interested in talking to my seamstress to see if the leg length could be adjusted without ruining the shape of the flare, but it would be just great if PLT could maybe do a few different leg lengths. It’s not a deal breaker though guys, I’ll be back for the blue ones soon enough!

(It was a great night until my inflatable pineapple rucksack broke and we fell asleep on the train and ended up in Woking…)


PLT Plus Fit and Flare Trousers (Black)
ASOS Curve Off Shoulder Top with Caging Detail
Kimono: Old H&M, no longer available. Here’s a really cute alternative one from New Look. 

(I bought these items with my own money because my blog is not remotely famous, and all of the opinions in this article are my own.)

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